What does it really take to build a “do everything” home system?  It depends on what you want to achieve! Let’s say you want music in a few rooms of your home, 3 or 4 TVs that share cable boxes, Blu-ray players and an AppleTV, cameras for the front door and backyard.  Naturally you have an iPhone and an iPad throw into the mix!  You want everything to be easy to use, bulletproof and of course things have to look and sound great!  We’re going to give you a photo tour of some products and the process as we go through the assembly and installation of a system!  Comments are always welcome and we hope you enjoy watching the process as much as we do!

IMG_5906Step One – The Rack

We start by designing one place for your equipment to live.  In this type of system, we were tasked with hiding the electronics as much as possible.  We built an audio/video distribution system, which means all the music parts and cable boxes, etc go into a rack out of sight; this way your room has a TV, a remote and some speakers – that’s it!  To pick the correct rack, we use an engineering program that allows us to enter all the client’s equipment to assign proper weight support, ventilation and electricity requirements. You can read a previous blog post about remote locating equipment here.