When you relocate your receiver, amplifiers, cable or satellite box, Blu-ray player, gaming system, etc into a remote location like a closet you should consider:
  1. Ventilation. Home theater equipment generates heat and needs to have good airflow around each piece as well as moving cool air into the area. This is also especially true for cabinets – leave ample room. Equipment that gets too hot will degrade faster over time or just quit on you.
  2. Use a reliable RF remote control system. Because remotes that come with typical home theater equipment are IR based and need line-of-sight to operate the piece, a good RF remote will allow you to have one remote that can be used without pointing it at your gear.
  3. Have your electrician install a dedicated circuit (or two) to your equipment room. Electronics and amplifiers draw a lot of power and having inefficient supply really hurts performance and lifespan.  It also saves you the grief of having equipment shut down unexpectedly when someone runs the vacuum!