Our Process

The key to your system performing to your expectations is our process.


Our initial consultation with you has two purposes. The first is listening to you to get a feel for how you will live in your home. What is important to you? Different family members usually have different priorities so we’ll take them all into consideration. If you are building new or remodeling we’ll also review your floor-plan with you and talk about different areas in your home.

The second purpose is to educate you on what is available. While possibilities are almost endless, some technologies are not yet proven to our standards and others are bullet proof. We will discuss costs as well so that your expectations of features and performance are in line with your budget.

While we can consult at any phase of your project, our experience tells us that the earlier we are involved the better. We can help you interface with other contractors you might have on your job to specify power requirements, space for equipment, ventilation, cabinet dimensions and more. These things are harder to make happen after the fact – a little pre-planning can save you lots of time and thousands of dollars.


This is where we put all the pieces together and design your system from the ground up. Our goal in this phase is to create the system to be as easy to use as possible, giving you as much or as little control as you are comfortable with. We’ll choose products based on your needs and budget and develop a detailed proposal. A properly designed system has fewer problems at installation and over its lifetime.


Critical to our installation is the building process. Every project is racked, wired, tested and programmed (by our Certified Crestron Programmer for example) in our facility BEFORE being installed in your home. We try to eliminate equipment failures and issues whenever possible to lessen the amount of time we are in your home at final installation. Ask us, we’ll give you a tour of your equipment in our shop!

Our project manager ensures that this phase is coordinated with you, your contractors, our team and product manufacturers. We also complete any pre-wiring required in your home during this phase.


The final installation is where all the pieces come together. We’ll install all your equipment, put the finishing touches on and test everything several times.


One of the most satisfying parts of our job is the final walkthrough with you. Sure, we’ll train you, but we find that most of our clients easily understand the operation of their system immediately.

We walk through every room, review installed equipment, operation and give a full demonstration of your system’s capabilities. Prepare to have your socks knocked right off!

In 2016 we purchased a home that was originally built in 2005 and much updating was necessary.  With all the  new technology in 2016 and changes to security systems it was a requirement that we contract with a company that is on the cutting edge.  We found that company in AV Awakenings and proceeded to have them do a complete update of our Crestron system as well as the media systems in our home.  We could not have found a company more knowledgeable, responsive and courteous during the update.  We would recommend them anytime and will definitely use them in the future should we need further work done.
PS:  Bill and Brent are super nice guys and put up with all our questions and concerns with smiles on their faces.
Anita and Bruce