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See and control your security and camera systems from your phone, tablet or computer.

Make peace of mind portable.

We’ve all felt that feeling of dread when you’re already on your way to a great vacation and you suddenly realize you forgot to set the security system. It can really ruin your mood.

As new technologies continue to emerge, security monitoring systems get better and better, but can also be more complicated. By automating your home or office security and cameras, you’ll be able to control everything with a single device from anywhere. This means you’ll never have to worry about whether you’ve set your system.

Security systems can range from simple door sensors to advanced glass breakage detection, and may also include heat, smoke, and fire detection. These functions can be connected to security monitoring for early dispatch of emergency services. Onsite camera monitoring systems also allow video recording and playback of events. Any or all of these technologies can be integrated with an automated control system to simplify security monitoring:

  • Burglar and intrusion
  • Integration of pool safety and security systems
  • Monitoring and integration of fire systems
  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) camera systems
  • Digital event recording

Your automated systems can be designed to integrate security and surveillance monitoring, making it simple to control everything from anywhere.

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The key to your system performing to your expectations is our process. We rack, test and program your equipment before we install it in your home. Once installed, we'll walk you through your system room-by-room.

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from our clients

"You guys did a FANTASTIC job over here for us. We are just bowled over by the quality and care you demonstrated. We could not be more THRILLED with this new EASY Crestron system. And - we KNOW it has been made "easy" because of AV Awakenings."

- Ceil and Petie, Portland, OR

"I had begun to think that customer service was dead. Not at AV Awakenings! You guys rocked our world with first class service from the old days. Way to go! So happy to have met you on our last move. Customers for life."

- Tom, Shannon & Sasha, Portland, OR

"We could not have found a company more knowledgeable, responsive and courteous during [our Crestron] update.  We would recommend them anytime and will definitely use them in the future...  PS:  Bill and Brent are super nice guys and put up with all our questions and concerns with smiles on their faces."

-Anita and Bruce

"The entire AV Awakenings team was professional and conscientious, and they delivered as promised. We are very pleased with the results and highly recommend them to others."

-Steve & Brenda, Newport, OR

"I've known Brent for the better part of three years and he's one of the most talented and conscientious programmers I've had the pleasure of working with. He's quick with his work and has never once hesitated to pick up the phone when I've had a question about the system and its abilities. If I was told I could have only one programmer on my system in the future, I'd choose Brent; no questions asked."

-Mike, Hillsboro, OR

"I have been in this industry for 18 years as both an integrator and as the sales representative for Crestron. My position as the Crestron representative allowed me to be involved with the majority of custom audio video companies in the Northwest. I would strongly recommend Audio/Video Awakenings to homeowners for projects of any level. They have a professional understanding of AV systems and what it takes to complete them beyond homeowner satisfaction. I can speak to this as I never received a complaint about them from any project they have worked on, only the praise which they have earned."

-Moose Adams, Crestron Electronics

“Home entertainment and control systems are supposed to make life easier and more enjoyable. With these guys, you'll get the results you desire.”