3 Hidden Features at La Dolce Vita

3 Hidden Features at La Dolce Vita

We are heading in to the last week of the Northwest Natural Street of Dreams! Boatloads of fun, cool, and interesting technology are on display at our home La Dolce Vita by Haggart Luxury Homes and Rhonda Divers Interiors. Three features of the home are sure to impress – take a minute to read about them below.

Outdoor television on a drop-down lift

Don’t miss a moment of your team’s victory while you’re enjoying your outdoor living area or poolside retreat. Great for entertaining, this outdoor television is uniquely hidden in the porch’s reclaimed-wood ceiling. Its motorized lift carefully and silently drops the TV down and rotates it to the seating area with the touch of a button. When turned off, the TV returns to its tucked away resting area.

Television behind a mirror in the master

Don’t want to see the TV in the bathroom? Hide it! Stealthily located behind the Séura Vanishing Entertainment TV Mirror, you can’t see it unless the TV is turned on. There’s no discernible effect on the reflectiveness of the mirror when off and the mirror glass has a slight tint that allows a bright and crisp television image to shine through. This application performs best in low natural light areas with little glare. Low-profile mounting and decorative frame choices are optional features that can be added to make your room look even better. Séura, a woman-owned company in Green Bay, Wisconsin, engineers and hand-crafts their products in the USA.


Outdoor speakers

The beautiful outdoor play area at La Dolce Vita covers a significant area. Providing great sound for such a wide area can be difficult for typical outdoor speakers. These NEAR 8″ 2-way weatherproof omnidirectional, wide-range loudspeakers can be placed in-ground or on-ground and tucked away in your landscape. They sound spectacular, are engineered for years of use, and can only be seen if you are up close!