New Motorized Shade Solutions on Display at AV Awakenings

New Motorized Shade Solutions on Display at AV Awakenings

Quiet and beautiful.

Our office displays have recently been upgraded with new automated shades. Controlled by iPad as well as our in-wall touch panel, the shades accent our office decor as well as provide some privacy and light control. Showcasing the whisper-quiet operation and ease of use, we can set automation schedules or events that close and open the shades – without touching a button.

We can supply and integrate:

  • Drapery
  • Roman hades
  • Roller shades
  • Skylight shades

Handwoven, designer shade fabric in transparent, translucent and blackout as well as handcrafted valance options are available to match any decor.

Contact us to schedule a demonstration and view our fabric sample book.

Get your project Crestron Certified

Get your project Crestron Certified

Added confidence that your Crestron system will work like it is supposed to.

Crestron Certified Designs are specified and quoted by the Crestron Sales Support Services engineers at the factory. Standing behind and validating every design, Crestron Certified Designs provide the maximum uptime, are easier to upgrade, expand, and manage, and are backed by the global True Blue Support team. A Crestron Certified Design is comprised entirely of Crestron products from the categories below, whenever possible:

  • Control systems
  • User interfaces
  • AV distribution
  • Audio distribution and processing
  • Cables and wiring
  • Enterprise management software

Five-year extended warranty

Crestron provides an additional two years above the 3-year standard warranty for their certified designs.

Ask us about a Crestron Certified Design and don’t forget, Brent our Certified Crestron Programmer, is one of a select few in the Northwest.

Control Your Door Locks Through Your Crestron System

Control Your Door Locks Through Your Crestron System

Ultimate Convenience

Worried about your kids losing house keys? Afraid you’ll get locked out of the house? Have neighbors or in-laws who you ask to watch over your house while you’re gone? Crestron now offers controllable electronic door locks from Yale, Schlage and Baldwin, most of which can match existing door lock and handle hardware that you already have in your home.

You can program in a code for you and the kids to use daily or neighbors that only works while you’re away, keeps you from giving copies of your house key. Or locking yourself out…

The locks can be operated by punching in a four-digit code. Not only does it unlock the door, but if you have a Crestron system in the house already, the door unlock code could also disarm your security system, turn lights on, roll up your window shades, start music or anything else you can think of!

Want to know more? Ask us…

A Whole New Meaning to Picture-In-Picture with Crestron’s DVPHD

A Whole New Meaning to Picture-In-Picture with Crestron’s DVPHD

It happens to us all the time – two must-watch games on at the same time, or sometimes three, or even four! There is a solution, a good solution.

A fully touchscreen controllable, high-definition, high-resolution, multi-window video processor that can handle up to 8 different source inputs: HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, HD-SDI and good-ole analog, with Crestron’s DVPHD. If your head didn’t explode with that one, you might be asking: What does it all mean? You can display 8 *different* feeds of anything your heart desires – satellite or cable TV, Blu-ray, computer screens and more – either all at once, a couple at a time or switch between them effortlessly through your handy touch panel. Add transition effects and customizable graphics to sweeten the delivery.

The DVPHD, when added to an existing or new Crestron system, can be connected to your big television in the great room or 2-piece projection system in the theater (anywhere, really). It is also perfectly suited for board room applications making presentations stand out with multi-media capabilities and real-time on-screen annotation at the touch of a button.

Try before you buy, Crestron Experience Centers

Try before you buy, Crestron Experience Centers

We all know that it is always better to take a test drive before you spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, whether it be that sweet new car, or on an automation and control system for your home. While our office showcases some of the technology available, it is only a taste of what you can truly do with a full Crestron system.

Crestron Experience Centers, located in several cities in the US, are a way to immerse yourself in what Crestron is capable of in elegant, real life settings.

Experience a Theo Kalomirakis Reference theater, play with touch-screens in the Interactive Design Lab or see how products can be tastefully incorporated into any decor style from traditional to contemporary.

Touring a Crestron Experience Center is by appointment only, so if you are interested, contact us for more information.

Would you trust your home automation and security to your cable company?

Would you trust your home automation and security to your cable company?

Anyone? Anyone?

We don’t know about you, but our experience with the local cable company often goes like this:

Mr. Smith, our client, calls and says that the cable company has upgraded his equipment (insert cable box or modem here) and now his TV, internet (insert service here) doesn’t work.

Come to find out that this “upgrade” installed by the cable company has re-routed his wiring and is improperly installed for his system, or has changed his home network settings arbitrarily. This happens to us far too often and with just about every media product they offer. Several mind-numbing calls to the company for tech support and countless hours are spent troubleshooting and getting the client back up and running.

And to add to the sting, we have to charge the client a service call to fix the cable company’s mistakes.

We bet you have your own horror story to tell.

Why would anyone trust their home automation and security to the cable company? New services are being offered from everyone from Comcast to Lowe’s to Verizon that control your lights, heat, security and more all for a low monthly price. We certainly aren’t convinced that these companies are truly focused on your individual home’s security so much as they just want more monthly revenue.

We aren’t saying their products don’t work or are terrible, we are just questioning the technology choices that are out in the marketplace for critical systems. You can get along just fine without TV for a day but what about lights? Heat on a cold January day? Security for your family?

Our recommendation is to use proven products and systems with professional design, installation and certified programming. Yes, it may cost more but you get what you pay for and in the end, we think you’d prefer one less reason to call the cable company.