Add a lighting system early in your remodel, update or new home building process.

When you have spent countless hours and dollars making your home your own we want to make sure it pops!

There is nothing like an expertly-lit exterior to create drama as you drive up to your home. Textures are revealed, trees are illuminated and pathways are safe for you, your family and your guests to navigate without hesitation.

More drama inside!

You can continue to creatively use lighting inside your home with scenes for different activities. Cooking in the kitchen with all lights on 100%, entertaining with dining and living room lights dimmed 30% (or a combination of lighting loads dimmed at different levels) or a night-time scene with stairways and halls barely lit to make your way to a midnight snack.

Moreover, interior features are just as important to highlight – rock fireplaces, wall washers, spots on artwork – giving the home the luxury feel that you worked to achieve.

Automated events

You can take the drama even further by automating some events in your lighting system. For example: a half hour before sunset, all the exterior lights turn on. Or if the security system is disarmed a pathway from the entrance is lit to 70%. You can even schedule your Christmas lights to turn off and on between certain dates of the year.

Energy savings and extended bulb life

The human eye cannot detect a difference between 90% and 100% illumination. You can save 10% in energy for every 10% you dim and and possibly double your bulb life.  We have seen some homes with pretty high ceilings that would benefit from changing the bulbs half as often!

Designing a lighting system

It is always easier and more cost-effective to include a lighting system in the planning stages of your home but that is not always possible.

Today’s wireless systems operate flawlessly and have opened the door to retrofit and remodel applications. Recently Crestron announced its solution for smaller lighting systems with as little as 8 circuits. Also, a quality lighting system has the ability for remote operation and integration with other systems. Turn on your lights from a mobile device or computer, or even when you pause your movie!