Added confidence that your Crestron system will work like it is supposed to.

Crestron Certified Designs are specified and quoted by the Crestron Sales Support Services engineers at the factory. Standing behind and validating every design, Crestron Certified Designs provide the maximum uptime, are easier to upgrade, expand, and manage, and are backed by the global True Blue Support team. A Crestron Certified Design is comprised entirely of Crestron products from the categories below, whenever possible:

  • Control systems
  • User interfaces
  • AV distribution
  • Audio distribution and processing
  • Cables and wiring
  • Enterprise management software

Five-year extended warranty

Crestron provides an additional two years above the 3-year standard warranty for their certified designs.

Ask us about a Crestron Certified Design and don’t forget, Brent our Certified Crestron Programmer, is one of a select few in the Northwest.