Step Six:  Video Throughout Your Home

Most of us have cable TV, FiOS or a satellite dish.  This means having a tuner-box for every TV in the house. Add in the DVD or Blu-ray players, again one for every TV.  Now there’s internet-streaming boxes like the Roku or AppleTV, again one for every TV.  Pretty soon you have lots of remotes and lots of “black boxes” in every room.  What a big mess and hassle!

In this home electronics system, we designed centralized, or distributed video.  Using Crestron’s DM (Digital Media) solution we can share a few video sources to every TV in the house, watching different things at the same time.  Two cable boxes, two Blu-ray players, an AppleTV and an Apple Mac mini – all can be quickly selected from any TV in the house.  This setup accomplishes a few things.  First, each room now has just a TV and a remote control, that’s it!  Second, movies or shows can be shared between different rooms. The bonus is the security cameras will pop up on-screen if someone rings the doorbell!

AppleTV and Mac mini are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.