Step Five:  Music Throughout Your Home

So you have some in-wall or in-ceiling speakers throughout your home or office, but how do you listen to them?  Do your walls have to be cluttered with those ugly volume knobs?  Can you listen to different things in different rooms?

These are all excellent questions.  In this distributed audio system, we’re using an amazing new switcher from Crestron – it allows us to connect up to 24 different audio sources (think:  cd player, iTunes, satellite radio, cable music, Pandora and so on).  It can also drive 8 rooms of speakers, and you can have us tune the sound of every single room exactly the way you want!  Instead of volume knobs in every room, you can use that fancy iPad to pick what to listen to, and of course, how loud to listen to it, if that’s what you’d like.  Since the switcher does all the work, you can play holiday music in the kitchen while your teenager listens to whatever-the-heck-that-noise-is in their room and everybody is happy!

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