Or is it?

You may have heard about 4K TVs, also called UHD or Ultra-HD, but what does that all mean? 4K is a new, higher-resolution of HDTV, and the 4K refers to the horizontal lines. In this case, it’s 3840 line from left to right, and 2160 lines from top to bottom. That’s quite a detailed picture! As of today it doesn’t mean very much at all. There is a very limited content available to watch in the 4K format, and major upgrades to your other equipment like receivers and sources are likely going to be required for 4K to become “a thing” in your home.

Where can I get 4K to watch?

Currently Netflix is offering a couple of their shows in 4K, including House of Cards, but you need a 4K TV that has the Netflix 4K app built-in. There are not currently any Blu-ray players or other internet streaming products that have 4K built-in. This is likely to change quite quickly.

Do I care about 4K yet?

Well if you like early adopting, there are some great 4K TVs on the market and we’d be happy to talk to you about them. However there is really no discernible difference between watching your cable or satellite service on a 4K TV versus the normal HD display that you already own. Many TV manufacturers claim that their new 4K TVs will up convert your content, but buyer beware, most of them don’t do a very good job at it and can actually make your picture look less sharp. So the bottom line is, we advise our clients to wait until we are a little farther down the road. For questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us!