We are not talking about how big or small your theater room is here… we are talking specific dimensions that you want to absolutely avoid. Why would that matter? The short answer is that sound waves have specific sizes, like ripples in a pond or waves in the ocean. The waves bounce off, or are absorbed by, the interior of your theater room in specific places. If the room is of certain dimensions or oriented poorly, you have sound canceling at many points in the room with the result being a dead sounding theater. A dead sounding theater will have pockets of no sound at certain frequencies – it has no punch, no liveliness to the sound, no impact when you are watching your favorite movie. It just sounds boring or even bad.

The worst sounding theater room is a perfectly square cube. But you also don’t want a single theater room dimension to be equal or be a multiple of another.

Blake oswego home theater installationAD
12’ X 12’ X 12’
8’ X 16’ X 32’
8’ X 16’ X 16’
You get the picture…

Typically, every room needs some help to really knock you out of your seat. Properly setting up your equipment is a must but we also recommend acoustical treatments that are strategically placed to absorb, reflect or diffuse sound. For a dedicated movie/theater room, it’s ideal to have no windows, but they can be dealt with.

To read a more detailed description and use their optimum room dimension calculator click here.

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