Security & Camera Systems

Make peace of mind portable

We’ve all felt that feeling of dread when you’re already on your way to a great vacation and you suddenly realize you forgot to set the security system. It can really ruin your mood.

As cool new technologies continue to emerge, security monitoring systems get better and better, but can also be more complicated. By automating your home or office security and cameras, you’ll be able to control everything with a single device from anywhere. This means you’ll never have to worry about whether you’ve set your system.

Security systems can range from simple door sensors to advanced glass breakage detection, and may also include heat, smoke, and fire detection. These functions can be connected to security monitoring for early dispatch of emergency services. Onsite camera monitoring systems also allow video recording and playback of events. Any or all of these technologies can be integrated with an automated control system to simplify security monitoring:

  • Burglar and intrusion
  • Integration of pool safety and security systems
  • Monitoring and integration of fire systems
  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) camera systems
  • Digital event recording

Your automated systems can be designed to integrate security and surveillance monitoring, making it simple to control everything from anywhere.

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In 2016 we purchased a home that was originally built in 2005 and much updating was necessary.  With all the  new technology in 2016 and changes to security systems it was a requirement that we contract with a company that is on the cutting edge.  We found that company in AV Awakenings and proceeded to have them do a complete update of our Crestron system as well as the media systems in our home.  We could not have found a company more knowledgeable, responsive and courteous during the update.  We would recommend them anytime and will definitely use them in the future should we need further work done.
PS:  Bill and Brent are super nice guys and put up with all our questions and concerns with smiles on their faces.
Anita and Bruce