We have been in many media/theater rooms with problematic audio. Typically there is not a room in your home perfectly suited for how your ear actually hears audio (there are some rare exceptions of purpose-built listening rooms). Room size, furnishings, dead spots and a legion of other factors can turn the best speakers and equipment into boring, or sometimes ear-splitting, wasted money.

Room equalizing is not a new concept by any means but Anthem’s room correction system (ARC ) mimics how the human ear hears, adjusting for the room’s features on each speaker independently. ARC corrects for up to 7 speakers and subwoofer with multiple microphone measurements, as compared to a standard wimpy “room EQ” with only one cheap, plastic mic at the primary listening position. Multiple microphones allow you to receive real-life feedback from many listening positions as well as adjustments for surround and rear speakers that are often given less priority. The outcome is a surround experience that will give you goosebumps.

The ARC is an add-on accessory to any Anthem product. Want to geek out? Read the full white paper from Anthem here.