Fall is here! Rain, wind, downed trees and… power outages. We all have sensitive electronics in our homes and we have some good tips if you lose power.

We usually install backup batteries (UPS) to protect certain equipment in your system but they are designed to keep things running for only a short period without power.

Theater and Media Rooms with Projectors

If you are watching a game or a movie and the power goes out, you will want to shut down your projector immediately. We always install robust power protection for projectors to protect the expensive bulbs, and we prefer to have them on a battery backup, but they are not intended to allow you to keep watching your system. Besides, your audio would probably be without power and that will have ruined your fun anyway. If your processor and touch screens are up, you can use your regular power-off button but most of the time those will also have shut down. It’s now time to visit your remote bin included with your system, pull out the projector remote and power it off.

If your power is out for more than and hour

You’ll want to turn off things with hard drives including Kaleidescape systems. If you have a Kaleidescape server you will want to go to your equipment rack, flip down the door on the front and hit the power button.

If you have security cameras, your UPS should run those for a while and you shouldn’t need to worry much about them.

My Security System Keeps Beeping

For short power outages, your security system may be beeping. If your security pad is GE, pressing the * key will silence the beeping. If you have a DSC system, pressing * 2 on the keypad will likely silence the beeping. If you’re not sure, feel free to contact us and we will help. Your security system has a battery backup as well that will last between 12 and 24 hours without power.

We do not recommend that you attempt to unplug your security system from power. The system will keep running for a good amount of time, and will power itself back up and begin re-charging the battery when power is restored to your home.

If you have any questions about your system, feel free to give us a call.