We are not just talking about your lawn…
Did you know that your Crestron system can control many irrigation systems keeping your landscape thriving while at the same time saving water and money?
Your home automation system has the ability to:
  1. Detect rain and turn on/off your irrigation system based on how much or how little.
  2. Reduce watering during the heat of the day or excessive wind.
  3. Provide real-time reporting and monitoring.
You can control your sprinklers with a touchscreen and/or automate events by time or other variables.
The type of watering system you choose does make a difference when you integrate it with your Crestron system. AV Awakenings has integrated the following brands of system controllers:
You can combine your water savings with other energy saving ideas for greener living including: heating and air conditioning, pool and spa pumps, fountains and lighting control – all can be programmed for maximum efficiency.