Watch your TV like never before.

You have invested in a high-quality television, shouldn’t you make sure it is calibrated to get the best picture possible? Out of the box, most televisions come from the manufacturer set up with over saturated color and contrast turned up to 11 to maximize consumer impact on the big-box floor.  We can’t begin to stress how awful this picture quality actually looks. What you are missing are the details that filmmakers pride themselves on capturing.

ISF Certified Calibration comes from the Imaging Science Foundation using highly specialized equipment and a thoroughly trained professional who will calibrate your display to various standards on every input.

Benefits include:

  • Truer color
  • Blacker blacks
  • Whiter whites
  • More detail
  • Sharper image
  • Increases the life of your display

What about projectors?

Your projector deserves the same treatment as your televisions. Every device is different and ISF Calibration takes into account room layout and ambient light that can affect the picture. If you haven’t had your projector properly ISF calibrated by a certified professional, then you have not been seeing your projector at its best.

Have you had your displays calibrated? Give us a shout with your questions or to schedule a tune up!