Get Out of the Big Box for Big Sound in A Pretty Package

Sound bars are designed to attach to your television to provide better sound quality and a seamless look. They can be fitted to the sides or along the bottom or top of a flat-panel television. They typically come in two forms, powered and self-contained, or “custom”, meaning they’re designed to wire back to an amplifier located not directly at the TV to get their power.


soundbarSelf Contained Sound Bars

Self-contained speaker bars are what you commonly see in your big box retail shop. They require being plugged into electricity at the wall with your TV and then connect to your TV to get an audio signal. They come in lots of shapes, sizes and brands, and very few of them deliver great sound. They also are “best matched” to your make and model of television – not built to the exact dimensions. Although these retail solutions are better than the speakers built into TVs today, custom solutions offer better sound and aesthetics.


leon-speakerbar-vertCustom Sound Bars

Custom speaker bars will come from a specialty manufacturer and will almost always sound much better than an off-the-shelf solution. Most are built specially for each job, so they can match dimensions of your TV. This way the sound bar looks like it was always meant to be a part of your TV experience. They can be built to go above the TV, below it or even on the sides. If you are doing a surround sound room but don’t have a place for the front speakers, custom sound bars can even be built for left, center and right speakers, so you sacrifice nothing!


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