New Updates to Comcast Boxes

Recently Comcast sent out an update to some of their HD boxes (not X1 or the older, silver models - see photo) that has a power save feature. If you have a Motorola DCX3400 series (3412, 3416, etc) box, you have received this update and you may have experienced your...

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Power Outages and Your System

Fall is here! Rain, wind, downed trees and… power outages. We all have sensitive electronics in our homes and we have some good tips if you lose power. We usually install backup batteries (UPS) to protect certain equipment in your system but they are designed to keep...

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The Internet is falling! The Internet is falling!

You may have heard about the Heartbleed bug, possibly the largest internet security flaw, ever. If not, pay attention! We are here to make it easy to understand as well as provide some action steps for you to take to protect yourself as best you can. What is it? In...

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Try before you buy, Crestron Experience Centers

We all know that it is always better to take a test drive before you spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, whether it be that sweet new car, or on an automation and control system for your home. While our office showcases some of the technology...

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Thinking of building a new home? 3 things to consider

The decision to build a new home is incredibly exciting! There are so many fun choices to make -  finishes, coverings and fixtures and all sorts! We are often called in to help “technify” a custom home and we see many common mistakes made over and over - you can be...

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Bill Reynolds in Lake Oswego, OR on Houzz Bill Reynolds in Lake Oswego, OR on HouzzBill Reynolds in Lake Oswego, OR on HouzzBill Reynolds in Lake Oswego, OR on Houzz
Bill Reynolds in Lake Oswego, OR on Houzz

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